Lucky Jet for real money in the casino 1Win with a convenient withdrawal 2023

Lucky Jet is a popular crash game, presented in the catalog of the 1Win casino. Transparent algorithms in combination with the original gameplay and high odds give chances to win to every player. Regardless of the chosen strategy, a dynamic game is guaranteed.

Play Lacky Jet Slot on the Official site of 1Win for Free or for Real Money

The casino 1Win supports two game formats: demo and real money. Each of them has features that are worth considering in detail. Demo game is free, does not require registration and making a deposit. Instead of real money for betting virtual credits are used. Their number is limited and is reset each time you enter the game.


Demo format has a significant advantage: there are no financial risks of 100%. Therefore, this game mode is suitable for beginners and for testing different strategies. There is a nuance: the received winnings remain virtual and they cannot be withdrawn. This can only be done in the cash game mode.

Playing for money, you need to be aware of the possible risks. For Lucky Jet is characterized by unpredictability, respectively, to guess at what time Lucky Joe will fly away with an accuracy of 100% will not succeed.

Login and registration Lucky Jet 1Win

To play in the official Lucky Jet for money, you need to register. 1Win has a rule: only players over 18 years old can create an account. Available only one way to register and it involves filling out a small form. It specifies the following information:

  • name;
  • date of birth;
  • Address of residence;
  • cell phone number;
  • email and password.

In the registration form you also choose the account currency (it will not be possible to change it later) and you can activate a promo code. After the questionnaire is filled out, the account must be confirmed: to do this, follow the link that will come in the welcome letter.


There are several ways to sign in to your 1Win account:

  • By phone number/email and password;
  • Through messengers and social networks.

If authorization data was lost/forgotten, you can restore it using a special form. Once you have logged in to your account, you can access your personal account. Through it, it is possible to make payments, keep track of available bonuses and withdraw winnings in a convenient way. Players need to remember one more nuance: verification is mandatory.

What are the rules and features of the game Lucky Jet for money?

The rules of the game in Lucky Jet will not cause difficulties for players, regardless of their gaming experience. The course of the game can be described in a few actions:

  • registration of the bet;
  • starting the flight of Lucky Joe (start of the round);
  • stopping the round independently (winning) or automatically (losing).

It follows: you can win only if you manage to stop the flight of Lucky Joe before he flies away. To be clearer to play Lucky Jack, it is important to get acquainted with the interface. It is intuitive and understandable, and is divided into 3 parts:

  • The playing field. Here you can watch the flight of Lucky Joe and the increase in odds. The game is accompanied by thematic musical effects.
  • Control panel. Used to place bets, activate the auto-game and stop the round.
  • Table with the results. You can track the outcome of each round, as well as check the results of other players.

If everything is clear with the design and the playing field, the control panel can be difficult. Let's analyze the buttons that are presented on it:

  • Scoreboard with the value of the bet. The cost per flight can be set manually, using the "+" and "-" buttons or by selecting one value from the proposed.
  • "Bet". Starts the round (Lucky Joe's flight). After the start of the round, this button is transformed into "Cancel". It should be pressed to stop the round and take the winnings.
  • Auto bet. On the scoreboard that opens, the bet that will be valid for a certain number of rounds is indicated. You can disable the option at any time. It will be useful for implementing strategies: it will allow you to watch the outcome of the rounds without having to bet manually.
  • Auto withdrawal. In a separate field the coefficient is set. If the specified value is reached within the flight, the round automatically ends. Activation of autoplay has a nuance: there is no guarantee that the specified coefficient will be reached. It can also be higher than the set value.

These are the main buttons to use during the game. If there are difficulties in getting acquainted with the gameplay, you can open the help section. To do this, you need to open the section in the "hat" of the game - "How to play? It describes in detail the rules and characteristics of Lucky Jet. The table below summarizes the main technical aspects:

Developer Gaming Corp.
RTP 97%-98,9% (depends on the chosen strategy and the specified bet)
Volatility High
Cost per round 0,1-100
Coupons for bets 2
Ratio Range х1-х10 000
Maximum win per round 100 000
Break between rounds 10 seconds

Current Lucky Jet 1Win 2023 Promo Codes, Vouchers & Bonuses

Find current promo codes and bonuses for Lucky Jet 1Win with us. The list of promo offers is regularly updated, and every player can take advantage of it. Brief instructions on how to use a voucher for 1Win:

  1. Select one of the promo codes on our website and copy it.
  2. Go to the online casino site.
  3. Open the activation form (located in your personal cabinet).
  4. Insert the combination of characters in a special field and click "Apply".

If everything is done correctly, a message on the successful activation of the voucher will be displayed. With a promo code, you can most often get a bonus on the deposit - this will increase the bankroll for betting in the Jet Lacs game. The list of promos is regularly updated, so we recommend to keep an eye out for favorable offers.

Crash Game Lucky Jet: Schemes, Secrets and Strategie

Crash game Jet Luck attracts the attention of many players. No wonder that the relevant question remains: how to beat the game, what hacking schemes to use and what strategies are the most effective. On this and other details will tell in detail below.

What is the algorithm of the game Lucky Jet "Provably Fair"?

The official game of Lucky Jet is built on a provably fair system, which each player can check. The odds of each round (the moment when Lucky Joe flies away sharply and the game ends) are not generated on game servers. Instead, the results of the participants of the round are used. Let us analyze the algorithms in more detail.

The result of the round is generated on the game clients (accounts) of 4 different participants. They are not connected in any way and have nothing in common. They include:

  • The game operator, namely 1Win Casino;
  • 3 players who were the first to place a bet.

The game operator (casino) generates a server sid (random 16 characters). Even before the start of the round this Sid can be checked, as it is published in the public domain. You can do this way:

  1. Go to the settings "Provably Fair" (located in the game menu).
  2. Click on one of the sids.
  3. Check the combination of characters displayed.

Here you can also create a new sid (using the button "Next server sid") or change the current one. Part of the sid is generated on the side of each of the first 3 players. As soon as the round starts, the server sid is merged with the client sid. A SHA512 hash is generated from that, which determines the outcome of the round.

Checking Lucky Jet's honesty

Any player can see for himself how the sends are generated and how the algorithms work. Integrity check is done through the game settings. We offer detailed instructions on how to implement it in practice:

  1. Open the side menu section "My Bets History".
  2. Near the odds of the round, press the green button. It is implemented in the form of the arrow on the clock.
  3. Check the server sido, three client sido, the combined hash and the outcome of the round as odds.

The correctness of the hash can be checked using any online calculator. To do so, enter "SHA512 Hash Generator" into the search box. In the form that opens, specify the final hash.


Based on the results of the check, indicate what sides were involved. If the specified sends coincide with those that are displayed in Lucky Jet settings, you can be 100% sure that the game is fair.

Tactics Lucky Jet "No Hurry" (No Risk)

This tactic requires neither predictor signals nor a large budget. It is suitable for stable winnings. The strategy basically involves making three or four bets and waiting for the x1 to x1.1 odds to fall out. The next step is to stop the round and take the payout.

This strategy has proved to be excellent, as it allows you to get stable, but small winnings. The main thing is to take into account possible risks. Statistically, after 5-6 rounds Lucky Joe flies away immediately at the beginning of the game. Therefore, after several wins in a row, it is recommended to pause.

Pros Cons
Easy to implement manually or in auto-mode. Smaller winnings than other tactics.
Suitable for players with any budget Risk of loss
Odds from x1 to x2 are the most frequent  

Double Up Strategy

One of the most popular strategies for Lucky Jet because it requires no predictions or analysis. Its advantage is simplicity. In order to implement the tactic, it is necessary to resort to mathematics.

First, choose a bet and a multiplier. For example, 10 coins and x3. If the round ends in a loss, the amount bet doubled. This continues until the round ends in victory. Let us show you an example:

  • 10 coins is a loss;
  • 20 coins - loss;
  • 40 coins - loss;
  • 80 coins - winning.

If you analyze the bets made, you can see: 150 coins spent, 240 coins won. This allowed you to stay in the black. Winning at least one round allows you to overlap previous losses.

Pros Cons
Based on mathematical analysis Requires a large budget
Suitable for playing on a long-term basis A streak of losses can lead to a total loss of your bankroll
Easy to implement Not proven effective

Bet x100

This tactic has a proven efficiency and has been tested by many players. To implement it, you need to be guided by the statistics of previous rounds, trying to catch odds of x100.

To start with you need to go to the history of bets and check when the last time the specified coefficient was reached. From this time it is necessary to time out exactly 60 minutes. According to statistics, this is the frequency with which large odds fall out.

The first bet can be withdrawn at x30-x40, the second as soon as the x100 figure is reached. To make this strategy more effective, it is important to be guided by the results of other players. For this purpose, there is a special table, which is updated in real time.

Pros Cons
Large winnings regardless of the size of the specified bet There is a risk of big losses.
Tactics based on mathematical analysis. Not suitable for everyday game
Proven effectiveness based on player reviews Requires a break between bets (rounds)

Lucky Jet 1Win app for money download for mobile (iPhone and Android) for free and without registration

You can use the mobile app to play from your phone. Casino 1Win offers to download it on Android and iOS. You can download the software in two ways, which will be discussed in more detail below. The first way - to download the software from the official website 1Win. To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. In the side menu of the site, open the section "Application".
  2. In front of the required version of the operating system, click on the "Install" button.
  3. Download apk files and unpack them.
  4. Install the application by following the instructions and authorize in it.

The second way is more practical, because you only need to follow the link from our website and install in the usual way. Application is practical in all respects and opens a number of possibilities for players: play in Lucky Jet from the phone, fast replenish your account, withdraw winnings without commission.


If there is no desire/opportunity to download the application, 1Win Casino has an adapted mobile version. It opens with a smartphone browser and 100% duplicates the functionality of the site. Other parameters, including the interface, are identical. During the game, there will not be any difficulties, as Lucky Jet is designed to support HTML5 technology.

Is it possible to trust Lucky Jet game?

Lucky Jet is a proven crash game that has well-deserved trust among players. It is formed on the basis of several factors:

  • transparently provable algorithms;
  • supported demo-mode for testing;
  • fast withdrawal of winnings;
  • the majority of players' reviews are positive;
  • the outcome of the round (loss or gain, the size of the odds) is partly dependent on the player.

If we have already talked about the algorithm and reviews, we suggest to focus on the variability of the results. The developers confirm that the game is unpredictable, but such an aspect as the size of the odds the player can partially influence. This is due to the fact that a range of values is set for them: the minimum coefficient of x1, the maximum x10,000.

Even if you make a bet of 0.1 coin and break the odds of x1 (the round will end immediately after launching), it is still possible to stay in the black. During the game, it is recommended to keep a close eye on the flight if the autocashout is not activated: the round can end at any moment.

Compared to other crash games, Lucky Jet offers high odds of winning. This is partly due to the technical characteristics, partly due to the short rounds. The difference is also in the gameplay. Let's analyze it in more detail on the example of two parameters:

  • Results Table. It is divided into two parts. One shows the results of the bets of a specific player. The other shows the results of all users: it is possible to check the sum of the bet, the caught odds and the amount of winnings.
  • Built-in online chat. In it, players share their experiences and predict odds. If you study it, you can also notice the history of losses. This confirms the general concept of Lucky Jet with different round results.

Such transparency also acts as an advantage. It simultaneously confirms the fact that the developers have nothing to hide and allows players to be confident in the fairness of the game.

How to deposit and withdraw money and winnings playing Lucky Jet 1Win

Playing for money requires a deposit. At 1Win Casino, this option becomes available immediately after registration. For registration of the transaction are available different payment instruments. The easiest way to make a deposit/withdrawal, if you use bank cards Visa/MasterCard/MIR. In this case, the following processing algorithm works:

  1. Press the "Deposit" button and click on the icon of the desired instrument. If you use Visa/MasterCard, you should specify the card type separately.
  2. Enter the amount of deposit. Do not forget about the limits. They depend on the currency of the account. In dollars the minimum amount of deposit is 5 USD.
  3. Click "Deposit" and specify the card details in the opened form.
  4. Confirm the transaction in the banking app or via sms.

In addition to the card, many players actively use electronic wallets to pay. They are available in several variations: WebMoney, QIWI, FKWallet, Piastrix, Yumani (YMoneu). The principle of using these wallets is almost identical, but the main difference is the transaction limits and the amount of commission. Thus, the most expensive will be depositing via Webman.

Payment in cryptocurrency at 1Win

Casino 1Win offers a significant advantage - payment is possible in cryptocurrency. This tool may be new for many players, so we offer detailed instructions on how to deposit:

  1. Click "Deposit" and choose a cryptocurrency from the list. It can be Bitcoin, Tron, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin and others.
  2. In the opened line, specify the amount and click "Go to payment".
  3. Scan the QR code or copy the wallet link.
  4. Go to the cryptocurrency wallet where the funds are stored. For example, Trust Wallet, MetaMask.
  5. Choose a currency, specify the amount, and paste the copied address into a separate line.
  6. Confirm the payment.

Using cryptocurrency for payment, there are a few rules. First: the wallet address must be 1000% correct - if you make a mistake, the money will be lost and you can not get it back. The second parameter, which requires attention: when making a payment, you need to check that the network coincides.

Withdrawing winnings without commission

With the withdrawal of funds from the account also there will be no difficulties. First you need to pass the identification, and then move on to the registration of the payment. To do this, a standard algorithm is provided:

  1. Press the "Withdraw" button in the personal cabinet.
  2. Choose the currency of the account and the payment instrument.
  3. Specify the payment data. If it is a bank card, then the card number and CVV code, if it is a cryptocurrency/e-wallet, then its address or number.
  4. Enter the amount without exceeding the limits.
  5. Confirm the payment by following the instructions.

These are all the subtleties of depositing and withdrawing money at 1Win Casino. Learn them will be easy for every player. To do this, there are detailed instructions that accompany each step of making a payment.

Crash games similar to Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet is the most popular game, but not the only one of this type. There are about 50+ games in Crash genre, and this list continues to grow. The reason for this is the interest from gamers, which is supported by the real stories of winnings. Crash games are popular among players for 3 main reasons:

  • Unpredictable results that change with each round;
  • The high payout odds that are imposed on the bet;
  • High payout levels that accelerate your winnings.

There are several games similar to Lucky Jet visually and by type. Below is a brief description of them: it will allow you to compare the crash game on the main parameters.


The game is set against the background of the runway, where every 10 seconds plane takes off. You can win no more than 100,000 coins per round.


A game from Smartsoft Gaming in which the outcome of the round depends on being able to stop the plane in time. Betting range for one coupon 0.1-100 coins, two coupons can be placed simultaneously.

Up-X Crash

A game with short rounds: after the start of the game begins to grow the coefficient on the chart, its growth can break at any time. The machine has a minimalistic design and is based on honest algorithms.

Get-X Crash

Rocket flight can end at any moment: if you can not stop it in time, the round is lost. Set RTP level: 99,7%.

Rocket X

An animated game where the main character rides a rocket and on his way there are various objects and animals. The round ends and the player loses if the rocket explodes before the flight is stopped.

Space XY

The original game from BGaming with a maximum win of 1,000,000 coins. The principle of the game is standard, but the specifications at the level: RTP 97% and high variance.

Arcade games for money like Plinko and Saper (Mines)

Plinko - a game with an original structure (from 8 to 16 lines) and simple rules: you need to make a bet, the ball starts to fall and the final win depends on the hole (different odds), where it will fall. The game in Sapper is played by standard rules: you have to open simple cells, avoiding cells with mines.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lucky Jet in comparison with other crash games

Pros Cons
RTP level 97% There are financial risks if you lose
Dynamic game with unpredictable results The maximum win per round is limited
Betting range of 0.1-100 coins per round Rarely do you find large odds of x20 and above
Proven fair system No team game mode
Suitable for inexperienced players with limited budgets The amount of free coins in demo mode is limited

Problems in the game Lucky Jet 1Win

Lucky Jet game supports advanced technology. This is expressed in the design, gameplay, technical characteristics. The developers have provided and adaptation of the game to mobile devices. To do this, they used HTML5 technology. It does not matter what device will be used to enter (computer, tablet or phone).

Such an emphasis on the technical component has allowed to exclude the emergence of bugs during the game. They may appear only in two cases:

  • weak or unstable Internet connection;
  • the device on which the mobile application is installed, does not meet the minimum characteristics.

To find out the cause of the bugs is simple: you need to try to run Lucky Jet on another phone or laptop. If the problem does not disappear, then the solution is to contact 1Win support. Support promptly helps with any issues.

Technical bugs aside, players have problems with taking their winnings. They are rare, but they should also be considered. Problems with picking up the payout appear for the following reason: the player has stopped the round a few milliseconds before the end. Because of the disruptions in the system, the bet is considered a loser and the payout is not calculated.

Real reviews of Lucky Jet players

To study the reviews and comments of users about Lucky Jet will be useful to every player, regardless of his gaming experience. You can do this in several ways:

  • In social networks and messengers;
  • in the community of players 1Win;
  • in the community of fans of the game;
  • on thematic forums;
  • in the comments to the expert reviews.

We offer another channel to explore reviews of the official Lucky Jet. Comments from real players are published on our site. You can easily study both positive and negative reviews and make decisions for yourself about the game.

When studying comments, it is important to be guided by their pitch. If the comment is positive and it idealizes the game in every way, it is a clear indicator that it is not real. The same can be said of sharply negative reviews.


Answers to questions

You can beat Lucky Jet in two ways: using auxiliary software like Predictor and other applications, applying different strategies. It is worth remembering about the unpredictability of the results - the round can end at any moment, so you should always follow the course of the flight.

To win in Lucky Jet, you need to stop the flight of Lucky Joe in time. The total payout is calculated by such parameters: the caught round factor and the specified bet.

There is no program or application that guarantees 100% hacking of Lucky Jet. You can achieve 97% accuracy of results if you use Predictor. It is based on signals. The app connects to the account and after starting the round, indicates the odds of when the jet will fly away.

To get acquainted with Lucky Jet it is better to choose a demo format. It excludes financial risks, which allows you to use virtual coins for betting. Demo is also suitable for testing different strategies, which will be relevant to experienced players.

Mid-risk and reinsurance strategies are the most effective. They are easy to implement, regardless of the set budget, and if you lose, the loss to the budget will be minimal.

The Lucky Jet game is built on a provably fair system. This can be checked by going to the settings and requesting the sids that were involved. The results of each round are different, so the sids will be different.