Download Lucky Jet for Android and iOS

You can play Lucky Jet from any smartphone. For this purpose, there is a mobile application adapted to modern devices. You can download and install it in a few minutes. More details about playing Lucky Jet from your phone we will tell further.


Where you can download the latest version of the official software Lucky Jet 1Win free and without registration

Software from 1Win to play Lucky Jet is constantly updated. Therefore, it is important to get his latest, up to date version, which provides access to all the game functionality. The easiest way to do this is on the official website 1Win. We offer a simple step by step instruction to download the software:

  1. Click on the "Application" button. You can see it in the "header" of the site, in the side menu or in the personal cabinet.
  2. Click on the icon of the operating system - Android or iOS.
  3. Click "Install".

The official 1Vin software is implemented as a full-fledged mobile application, which duplicates the functionality and content of the website. This can also be said about the software that is available for launch on our website. It is downloaded using approximately the same algorithm as mentioned above, but there are small differences in installation - we will tell you about them in more detail below.


As on our site, as on the site of the casino 1Win, download the application is free and without registration. We offer absolutely working software, thoroughly tested for reliability. This opens access to its extensive functionality, which will simplify the game in Lucky Jet from your cell phone.

How to install the Lucky Jet app on Android and iOS

Installation of the application will not cause difficulties for players, including beginners. To begin with, you need to understand the method by which the software was downloaded. So, if the launch was performed from the official website of the casino 1win, then you can install the application according to the following algorithm: 

  1. Open the section with mobile software.
  2. Click on the icon Android or iOS.
  3. Click on the button "Install".
  4. After downloading, the program will automatically open in a separate window.

The application is not yet available in official marketplaces like Google Play or App Store, so direct installation is excluded. The second option of downloading the software - from the link on our site. In this case, the following installation algorithm works:

  1. Unpack the installation apk files.
  2. Perform the installation by following the instructions.
  3. Run the software and log in to 1Vin.
  4. Make a deposit and go to the game in Lucky Jet.


There are some nuances that are important to keep in mind. For example, if the installation is performed on Android, you must first go to the settings and give permission to install files from unknown sources. Sometimes this form automatically appears after unpacking the .apk files. If you neglect this step, you will not be able to use the software. 

Pros and cons of playing Lucky Jet from mobile

Many players prefer to play Lucky Jet only from a cell phone. This is explained not just by the quick access to crash game, but also by the banal convenience. If you study the numerous reviews of users, you can highlight both the pros and cons of playing from mobile. You can get acquainted with them in the table below:

Advantages Disadvantages
Faster app loading and installation App only works correctly when connected to the internet
Automatic updates for the application You must have a registered account to start playing
Sophisticated game interface There may be some technical bugs
It is easy to track the history of bets and transactions In case of Internet failures bets are not refundable
Instant replenishment of the account and receipt of payments You can withdraw the winnings after the identification of the account

Differences between the Lucky Jet mobile app and the game on the website

If you compare the mobile app and the game on the official site, you can see minimal differences. They are so insignificant that many players will ignore them at all. However, it is worth talking about them, so let's distribute the distinctive aspects into 3 categories:

  • Visual design. It matches with 100% accuracy to the order of sections or categories of games in the menu. Thus, after the transition from the site to the application players will not have difficulty adapting. The only difference is the reduced size of the game screen and control panel. 
  • Functionality. In the application players get the opportunity not only to play Jet Lac, but also to participate in promotions, activate promo codes, withdraw winnings. The same functionality operates on the site, but such options as "Tournaments" or "Feedback form with the support" in the application are absent. 
  • Game conditions. Here, much depends on the preferences of the players. Some prefer full-screen format of the game, because it allows a comfortable view of the playing field, a table with the results and chat with other players. Someone is ready to neglect these advantages for the sake of quick access to Lucky Jet from the phone.

Making a mini-conclusion, it can be noted: there are no particular differences in the game from the phone and the application, but the question of convenience remains relevant. There is an optimal solution: to test both formats and choose the one that meets your personal criteria. 

How to distinguish the application Lucky Jet cheaters

When downloading the mobile application Jet Luck there is always the risk of running into scammers. This is fraught with unpleasant consequences, namely leakage of personal or payment data. To avoid this, you should be careful when choosing a source for launch the application. 

You can also study the table below - it compares the official version of the software and the pirate version by several important criteria.

Parameter Official application Pirate version
Registration Required
Verification in the application Obligatory, without it you can not withdraw the winnings Conducted at the discretion of the player or not at all
Lucky Jet algorithms Based on the provably fair system The algorithms can be tampered with not in favor of the player
RTP From 97% Very low in comparison to the original characteristics
Withdrawals By different payment instruments Blocked or set exaggerated limits
Lucky Jet version Official latest version from developer Pirate copy
Account blocking Exceptional cases Can be blocked for no reason
Reviews about the application Of various kinds, freely available on forums and in communities Fake, often explicitly perfectConclusion

To play from the phone mobile application is the optimal format. Although it differs from the official site, but in minor aspects. For convenience, rarely any of the players have complaints: there is a convenient game panel, there is a table with the results, it is easy to track the odds.

Downloading the software does not cause any difficulties. It is only necessary to follow the step-by-step algorithm and before installing check the software for officiality. The easiest way to do this is to launch the application from our website.


Aswers to questions

Yes, in order to play for money in Lucky Jet, registration in the application is mandatory. It is performed in a standard way - you need to fill out a small questionnaire with personal data. If you already have an account, you do not need to create a new one. For authorization there is a special form. 

Functionally, there are no special or significant differences, the application and the official website of 1Win are completely the same. However, according to players' reviews, there are differences in convenience. Many users point out that it is more practical to play in Lucky Jet from the phone. However, there are opinions that the full-screen format is more convenient for long-term play. 

There will be no difficulties with the withdrawal of the received payout. For a successful withdrawal, first you need to identify the account, and then choose a payment instrument. This can be not only a bank card, but also electronic wallets and cryptocurrency. The payment form specifies the amount and details. 

There may be interruptions during the download of installation files. This is most often caused by a slow Internet connection. The mobile application has minimal requirements, so almost every device meets them. Accordingly, technical bugs are kept to a minimum.