Lucky Jet: Play free and without registration in the demo version

Crash game Lucky Jet is available in demo mode. It is available to every player and opens up a lot of opportunities. This format is universal and suitable for beginners, experienced players and high rollers. Financial risks are excluded and virtual coins are used for betting. More about the nuances of the game in the demo tell further. 

Features of the official demo version of the game

Lucky Jet free version does not require registration and deposit. Virtual coins for betting are automatically added to the balance. Their number is not less than 10,000 credits. Here begins the first feature: the coins can run out, and then you will have to start the game again


In the demo version it is not possible to withdraw the winnings; they remain virtual. This is the main limitation for which players should be prepared. Otherwise, the demonstration version fully duplicates the version of Lucky Jet for money. This manifests itself in such parameters:

  • game rules;
  • winning and losing conditions;
  • algorithms;
  • the maximum winnings;
  • RTP 97%;
  • betting range;
  • gameplay.

A mini conclusion can be drawn from this: the demo format is suitable for getting acquainted with the crash game. Excluding financial risks, the player can concentrate 100% on learning the rules and gameplay, making and testing strategies. This makes the free version a full-fledged springboard to play for money. It is only necessary to take into account the possible risks. 

Brief tutorial on the rules of the game in Lucky Jet

Whichever version of the game has not been selected, the gameplay and the main rules remain the same. For new players, a quick tutorial will be helpful in order to better understand what to expect once Lucky Jet has been launched. 

Once the game is launched, the player finds himself in the middle of the runway. Here you can watch as Lucky Joe takes off on a jetpack and in an instant flies off into the distance. To win, you need to catch the moment of the highest odds - the final payout depends on it. 


If this fails and the jetpack abruptly disappears from the playing field, the round is considered lost. In this case the bet is not refundable. The outcome of each flight is different and unpredictable, which adds a bit of excitement to the game. 

If we evaluate the characteristics of Jet Lacky, we note a few important aspects:

  • the bet per round ranges from 0.1-100 coins;
  • the maximum coefficient of x10,000;
  • possible winnings per round of 100,000 coins;
  • there are two betting coupons.

These characteristics are also relevant if you run the demo format. Do not disregard the table with the results. It indicates the outcome of rounds of other players: what was made bet, what odds managed to catch and the amount of the final winnings. 

Versatility of Lucky Jet demonstration version game

The free version of the game suits all players, and game experience does not play a role. For clarity let's look at specific examples:

  • Beginners. Demo allows you to understand the peculiarities of the Crash genre, the algorithms of the game and some technical aspects. For example, how to place a bet, how to stop the round, how to take away the winnings. 
  • Players with experience. For them, the demo format gives an opportunity to test themselves, to check how often the prize rounds fall out, whether it is realistic to win and what the maximum winnings are.
  • High Rollers. demonstration version is 100% suitable for testing strategies. Since coins are credited in sufficient quantities, they are enough to select and test tactics of different risk levels. 

The chances of winning at Lucky Jet are the same, and every player has. It is only necessary to take a sensible approach to budget allocation and not to be afraid of risk. The proof of this is the table with the results. If you analyze the outcome of rounds of other users, you can see that the winnings are very different: a stable, but small, and the full cash prize. 

Playing for free in Lucky Jet and for money: a comparison

Before proceeding to play in Jet Lacky, many players are faced with a dilemma: what version to choose - demo or for money. To simplify the resolution of the dilemma, we offer two options. First, let's analyze when it is worth choosing the game with money, and then let's compare these formats.

So, to choose the format of the game for the money players who want to get a real win. The demo version does not provide such an opportunity. If you are playing for money, you will first need to register at the casino and refill your account. Only after that opens up the possibility of making a cash bet and withdraw winnings in the future. 


This format is ideal for players who have the necessary gaming experience. They have previously played Aviator, Plinko and other machines of the Crash genre. Understanding the rules of the game, you can clearly understand the possible risks as well as the chances of winning. It also simplifies the allocation of the budget for betting. 

Will it be a demo or cash, it is up to the players to decide. Let us give some advice. to begin with, it is better to get acquainted with Lucky Jet in the free version. This will not only exclude financial losses, but also banal will give us to understand whether you like the game or not. After that you can decide to play for money or continue to play comfortably in the demo format. 

Criteria Demo version Money version
Registration Not required Compulsory, only adult players can pass
Account replenishment No need, the credits are automatically credited to the balance Needed for the execution of a monetary bet
Number of coins From 10 000 Depends on the amount deposited on the balance
RTP 97% 97%
Restrictions on the withdrawal of winnings Prohibited No limits
Game session duration Continues as long as there are coins on the balance No limits

Low, medium and high risk;



Low odds;

Insurance and others...

Winning amount Depends on the specified rate and coefficient

Pros and cons of the free game in Lucky Jet

As already found out, the free game Jet Lucky has a number of nuances. At the same time note the advantages and disadvantages of this version of the game. They are confirmed not only by players, but also by experts. Despite the presence of certain disadvantages, it does not affect the pleasure of the game in any way. To get acquainted with all the pros and cons of playing in the demo, see the table below. 

Advantages Disadvantages
No registration or deposit required The winnings cannot be withdrawn
Advantageous conditions for the game The number of free coins is limited
Optimal format of the game for dating Not suitable for the game on a long-term basis
Universal specifications No excitement from the game
Strategies of different risk levels can be implemented Game session time is limited

Demo version of Lucky Jet - a universal format of the game. He not only suits many players, but also provides for a minimum of action on their part. No need to register, nor to risk real money - the casino provides virtual credits, which are automatically credited to the balance. 

Demo allows you to test different strategies to learn the gameplay, the main rules and the nuances of the game. The lack of financial risk allows you to fully concentrate on getting acquainted with the crash genre. This will be relevant to all players.


Aswers to questions

Yes, according to the rules the free version of Lucky Jet does not differ from the money version. Accordingly, the same winning conditions apply: you need to make a bet and catch the odds in time, before Lucky Joe flies away and the round is over. 

Virtual coins for betting are automatically added to the balance. Their exact number is always standard. In the game club 1Win 10,000 coins are credited to the balance, which can be used for betting. As soon as the game ends, their number is reset. 

Players who choose the demo version should take into account two limitations. The winnings cannot be withdrawn due to the use of virtual coins for betting. The second nuance is that the number of virtual credits is limited - if they run out, you will have to start the game again. 

Yes, the free version of Lucky Jet is versatile and will appeal even to high rollers. Players who prefer big winnings can use the demo format to test different strategies. There are no financial risks involved.